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Tolley's National Insurance Contributions 2016-17 Main Annual
By Heaton, David
  New ed, 2016
Widely regarded as the 'Bible' of NIC law, this comprehensive guide will answer in depth virtually every point or query put to you for compliance, planning or NIC mitigation purposes. This is the practical book for the...

Paperback: Rs. 15,594.00  Rs. 13,255.00
Legal Aspects of Community Care
By Dimond, Bridgit C.
This text provides a comprehensive account of the law in relation to community care. It includes information on the new statutory framework and the different institutional and legal entities which have emerged as a...

Paperback: Rs. 5,879.00  Rs. 4,997.00
Law of Marine Insurance
By Hodges, Susan
Provides a study of the law of marine insurance. This book explores the relationship between the Marine Insurance Act 1906, the Common Law and the terms of the Institute Clauses. It also examines the principles of a...

Paperback: Rs. 10,679.00  Rs. 9,077.00
Equipment for Older or Disabled People and the Law
This book explains the provision, both law and practice, of equipment and home adaptations to assist older or disabled people in daily living. The range of items covered is great, from alarms to artificial limbs, baths...

Paperback: Rs. 4,199.00  Rs. 3,569.00
Law for Social Work Practice
By Johns, Robert& Sedgwick, Andrew
In adopting an innovative case study approach to social work law and practice, this text which applies legal knowledge to the practice predicaments social workers face in their daily work. It covers care in the...

Paperback: Rs. 4,079.00  Rs. 3,467.00
Free Movement of Persons within the European Community
By A.Pieter Van Der Mei

Hardback: Rs. 13,200.00  Rs. 11,220.00
Child Abuse
By Lyon, Christina M.& Cruz, Peter De& Cobley, C...
  3 Rev ed, 2003

Paperback: Rs. 6,120.00  Rs. 5,202.00
Social Security Law
By East, Robert
This account of the British social security system and its legal framework sets out the principal features of the main benefits, with an exposition of the legal basis of entitlement to each benefit. It places social...

Paperback: Rs. 3,839.00  Rs. 3,263.00
Cases and Materials on Marine Insurance Law
By Hodges, Susan& Carlile, Roy
Provides a collection of cases and materials on Marine Insurance Law. This book discusses the significance of the judicial extracts, the statutory materials, and standard terms with particular emphasis on problematical...

Paperback: Rs. 8,999.00  Rs. 7,649.00