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Regulating Preventive Justice

Hardback: Rs. 14,400.00  Rs. 12,240.00
By Jones, Stephen
  6 Rev ed, 2017
The sixth edition of Criminology offers updated coverage of the main criminological theories. An engaging read for students of criminology, it traces the history and development of these key theories, and provides full...

Paperback: Rs. 3,959.00  Rs. 3,365.00
Legal, Moral, and Metaphysical Truths
Reviewing the work of legal philosopher Michael S. Moore, this volume examines how crimes ought to be defined, what justifies punishment, what moral commitments underlie the law, how our understanding of concepts such...

Hardback: Rs. 11,280.00  Rs. 9,588.00
Burdens of Proof
By Nance, Dale A.
This book explores contemporary thinking on the evidential requirements that are critical for practical decision-making.

Hardback: Rs. 9,239.00  Rs. 7,853.00
Blackstone's Police Investigators' Mock Examination Paper
By Pinfield, David
Designed in an exam format with 80 questions to be answered in two hours, this Mock Examination challenges your knowledge of all areas of the 2017 NIE syllabus, drawn from the Blackstone's Police Investigators' Manual...

Paperback: Rs. 3,239.00  Rs. 2,753.00
Blackstone's Police Investigators' Q&A
By Connor, Paul
Designed to test trainee investigators studying for the National Investigators' Examination (NIE), this book presents over 200 multiple-choice questions set in same style of the exam. All answers provide detailed...

Paperback: Rs. 3,239.00  Rs. 2,753.00
Key Terms and Concepts for Investigation

Paperback: Rs. 5,039.00  Rs. 4,283.00
Key Terms and Concepts for Investigation

Hardback: Rs. 16,800.00  Rs. 14,280.00
Text and Materials on the Criminal Justice Process
By Padfield, Nicola& Bild, Jonathan
  5 Rev ed, 2015

Hardback: Rs. 18,000.00  Rs. 15,300.00