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By Mallika Taly
  2015 Edition
Introduction to Arbitration

eBOOK: Rs.395.00 Rs.316.00 | PAPERBACK: Rs.395.00 Rs.336.00 |
  3rd Edition, 2015

Paperback: Rs. 225.00  Rs. 180.00
By Avtar Singh
  10th Edition, 2011
Introduction to Law of Partnership is a popular and authoritative work giving a clear exposition of partnership...

Paperback: Rs. 210.00  Rs. 189.00
By Avtar Singh
  11th Edition, 2014, with Supplement, 2016
The learned author is well known for his work on Company Law. The present handy work has been prepared to meet the needs of students who...

Paperback: Rs. 295.00  Rs. 251.00
By Morgan, Bronwen& Yeung, Karen
This textbook outlines the framework of academic debate in regulation.

Rs. 3,150.00
  3rd Edition, 2013
In view of new work arrangements and global competition, labour laws are required to be amended and given a new shape. Since the first edition in...

Paperback: Rs. 550.00  Rs. 440.00
By Dr Avtar Singh and Harpreet Kaur
  4th Edition, 2014 (Rep. 2016)
The rules of interpretation are drawn from the general scope and intention of the instrument or legislation, from the nature of the transaction or the circumstances, from the legal rights of the...

Paperback: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 396.00
By Dr Avtar Singh, Dr Harpreet Kaur
  4th Edition, 2013
This is a study of the first principles of law, as jurisprudence, as a subject, is often described. Even the first principles of law have not remained static. The...

Paperback: Rs. 390.00  Rs. 312.00
By Universal Law Series
The system of governance in India is based on rule of law. All public and corporate functions have to be undertaken within the framework of law. The managers and engineers,...

Paperback: Rs. 175.00  Rs. 140.00