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International Law and the Environment by Patricia Birnie
By Patricia Birnie
  1st Indian Edition, 2004
This new edition of International Law and the Environment provides an authoritative account of the main principles of international law concerning protection of the environment. Written by two of the...

Hardcover: Rs. 725.00  Rs. 616.00
The International Climate Change Regime
By Yamin
  2004 Edition
This book presents a comprehensive, authoritative and independent account of the rules, institutions and procedures governing the international climate change regime. Its detailed yet user-friendly...

Rs. 2,400.00  Rs. 2,160.00
Recognition and Regulation of Anti-Dumping Measures Under GATT/WTO by Sheela Rai
By Sheela Rai
  2004 Edn. with Suppl., 2007
With dumping of goods becoming a serious threat to the Indian economy, this book is most appropriately timed. Thoroughly researched and updated, the work explores the rights available to countries to...

Paperback: Rs. 695.00  Rs. 591.00
The Legal Status of Territories Subject to Administration by International Organisations
By Bernhard Knoll
  2008 Edition
The international community's practice of administering territories in post-conflict environments has raised important legal questions. Using Kosovo as a case study, Bernhard Knoll analyses the...

Rs. 8,250.00  Rs. 7,425.00
Climate Change Damage and International Law
By Verheyen
This book is the first comprehensive assessment of the legal duties of states with regard to human induced climate change damage. By discussing the current state of climate science in the context of...

Rs. 9,842.00  Rs. 7,874.00