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Gumnami Baba (in Hindi)
By Adheer Som
1955 से 1985 तक, उत्तर प्रदेश के...

Paperback: Rs. 195.00  Rs. 156.00
Gumnami Baba-A Case History (Pre-publication)
By Adheer Som
  2018 Edition

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Thus Spake Their Lordships! Quotable Quotes from Supreme Court Cases (SCC) (1969 - 2018) by Sumeet Malik
By Sumeet Malik

eBOOK: Rs.3495.00 Rs.2750.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.2950.00 Rs.2213.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.3495.00 Rs.2971.00 |
Courting Politics
By Shweta Bansal
  2017 Edition
Courting Politics chronicles inspiring life stories of nine eminent lawyers turned politicians. The book is an...

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Myths And Legends Of India
By William Radice
Somadeva’s Kathasaritsagara, the Epics, the Puranas, as well as folklore are among the sources of India’s long tradition of storytelling. Down the ages, they have nourished creative...

Paperback: Rs. 695.00  Rs. 591.00
Hindu Myths
By Translated ...
These tales of Hindu gods and demons express in vivid symbols the metaphysical insights of ancient Indian priests and poets. This selection and...

Rs. 325.00  Rs. 276.00
Justice: A Tragedy in Four Acts Galsworthy
By Mitra, D. (Ed.)
An in-depth study of Galsworthy?s Justice, a play which had the effect of arousing public conscience in its portrayal of stark reality during the Victorian era. Offering students all the essentials of...

Rs. 60.00  Rs. 51.00
By Kautilya
An extraordinary detailed manual on statecraft and the science of living by one of classical India's greatest minds, Kautilya, also known as Chanakya and Vishnugupta, wrote the...

Rs. 599.00  Rs. 509.00
Communicative English
By E Suresh Kumar and P Sreehari
Communicative English has been prepared to meet the needs of the student/learner who would like to communicate effectively in the world today. The book covers the skills of listening, reading, speaking,...

Rs. 155.00  Rs. 132.00