EBC Reader Platinum Edition is a subscription service in which you can get unlimited access to hundreds of Law titles. You are entitled for an exclusive access, in which the existing titles get regularly updated and new titles are added to your Library automatically, during the subscription period.

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Keep your books continuously updated so you get the most current legal
information plus all new EBC titles for a year.

Your Legal E-Library

India'a First eBook Reader for Legal Content

The EBC Reader library, available across iOS, Android and the Web, allows you to read eBooks in a simple, easy to use and immersive format. Designed also to take on the specialized format of legal text, it allows you to dynamically browse your book and interact with your text, searching, highlighting, copying, and note-making. Reading on your EBC Reader is just like reading from a book, only it gets better. The immersive touch reading experience simply makes you forget that you are reading on a tablet or even your phone. And what is more, to enhance your reading comfort and pleasure, you can increase the type size and read in the night mode if you so prefer.



The EBC Reader can carry, organise and maintain your entire
library of books at one place, leaving you to focus
on your study and research. Looking for a book, will be a thing of the past.


Save Your Research with My Book Notes (Annotations)


My Book Notes (My Annotations) are words or phrases highlighted or underlined by you in a book that are displayed in a list within the Annotation Pane.

My Book Notes contains all the highlights and underlines in a book, displayed by type (Highlight or Underline by Pen or Pencil tool) and arranged by page position and page number. You can refer back, to the important phrases for your research, in a book. So you have all your highlighted or underlined text available at one place.


Using My Book Notes (Annotations)


To mark important text in the eBook, select the 'Highlight' option from the Toolbox and tap and drag the desired text.

Underline by Pen

To underline important text, select the 'Pen' option from the Toolbox and tap and drag on the desired text.

Underline by Pencil

To underline important text, select the 'Pencil' option from the Toolbox and tap and drag on the desired text.

Copy to Note

Choose the “Copy to Note“ tool from the toolbox and select the desired text from the eBook and tap the ‘Copy to Notebook’ option displayed after selecting the text, this will appear under My Annotations. You can use this feature to make notes for your legal research or study while reading a book.


The Notes can be shared via email or on Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and can even be printed on paper.


You may delete an annotation within the My Annotations menu by going to the desired annotation and tapping “...” option next to it and tap on 'Delete' to remove the annotation from the eBook.


My Book Notes (Annotations) - In a Gist


Auto Sync Feature


Keep Your Highlighted text, of the titles you are referring to, synced in all your devices


Access Your saved Notes on any device


Save Money with EBC Reader Platinum Edition!

Auto-Updation Of Titles

As the new editions or updates of eBooks are prepared they are automatically updated on your EBC Reader during the period of your subscription.

Auto-Addition Of Titles

The new Titles are automatically added on your EBC Reader during the period of your Platinum subscription.


Key Features


Your Legal Library Available Instantly & Offline

The EBC e-book Reader is a complete library, which contains all the e-books you own. The books are available to you in offline mode, i.e. even when you are not connected to the internet.


Powerful Copy-Paste, Highlighting and Search

EBC Reader toolset allows you to dynamically browse your book and interact with your text, searching, highlighting, copying and preparing notes. The search capability of the EBC Reader allows you to search a word or a phrase anywhere in the content.


Auto-updation of titles

As new editions or updates of e-Books are prepared they are automatically updated on your EBC Reader during the period of your subscription, with updates downloading as soon as you are connected to the Internet, allowing you a hassle free way to keep your library continuously updated.


Cross linking with SCC Online

Judgements referred to, are cross linked with our SCC Online platform, making it easy to open up cited cases from within your e-book. A first for any e-Book Reader, this makes it extremely quick and convenient to look up cases cited within the e-Book/Periodical, saving you tremendous time and effort.


Neat and Efficient Table of Contents

The table of contents for each title cleverly divides the book into neat sections. By clicking on the relevant link you can directly arrive at that section of the book, which saves you time. You can re-visit the Table of Content feature anytime and from any page of the book and jump between chapters for cross-referencing.


Note Books and Printing

Putting ideas and information to use, brings your reading to its logical conclusion. Thus the Notes facility is an add-on to the reader that combines the convenience of copying with the facility of note making, thus making it effortless for you to put the information and ideas to use. Further, you can collate your ideas in your notebooks and share them via email, print them or export them.


Low Cost Alternative

The EBC Reader library costs only a small fraction of the cost of the print books. Further, management of your eLibrary is easy, with no wear and tear or loss of books.


Multi-Platform Availability

The EBC Reader eBook library is available across all the major platforms - Android, iOS and Web, i.e. on your phone, tablet or computer.


Easy to Cite in Court

Built for the legal system, the EBC Reader recognizes the importance of legal citation and automatically copies and gives the book and chapter citation when you copy any text from a book in your e-library.


Space Saving Features

The EBC Reader e-library will save you space and the cost of maintaining a big physical library. Further the library will be accessible 24x7.


Reading Made Easy

Reading on your EBC Reader is just like reading from the book, only it gets better, as it offers an unrivalled reading experience. The EBC Reader is designed to make your reading experience so immersive that you forget the platform. No distractions take you away from your book while making every tool accessible at the touch of a finger. You can even increase the font-size to suit your comfort, or change to day or night mode.


Physical Book Page Numbers, Footnotes and Cross Linking with Contents

The EBC Reader comes with many advanced text features like insertion of physical book page numbers within the eBook allowing you to cite the book in court or to look up the same page in the physical book.
The EBC Reader also provides cross linking from all chapter and section headings to the contents of the book allowing you to browse easily. Footnotes are also cross linked within the main text.


100's of Titles Now Available *

100's of Titles now available with your platinum subscription to EBC Reader. New Titles added regularly and older ones are constantly updated.


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