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The Constitution of Japan, 1946
  2015 Edition
The Constitution of Japan is the fundamental law of Japan. It was enacted on 3 May 1947 as a new constitution for postwar Japan. 

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The Constitution of the Empire of Japan 1889 (e-Book)
  2015 Edition
The Constitution of Empire of Japan of 1889 (commonly called the "Meiji Constitution", after the emperor during whose reign it was composed), was the...

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Commentaries on the Laws of England (e-Book)
By William Blackstone
The Commentaries on the Laws of England are an influential 18th-century treatise on the common law of England by Sir William Blackstone,...

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Foreign Direct Investment and Globalisation - Deals with FDI investments in India and FDI outflows from India (e-book/Hardbound)
By Ramni Taneja
  2014 Edition
The book addresses s Company's need to understand how to start a business in India, investments in and out of India as per FDI...

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Maritime Security & Piracy (Global Issues, Challenges and Solutions) (e-book/Hardbound)
By Bimal N. Patel, Hitesh Thakkar
  Ist Edition, 2012
The present work is a compilation of articles on the global issues, challenges and solutions pertaining to

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Responsibility of International Organisationstowards other International Organisations
By Professor Bimal N. Patel, Director, GNLU
  2013 Edition
The Responsibility of International Organisations towards Other International Organisations: Law and Practice of the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union (EU)...

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Inter-State & International Water Disputes (e-book/Hardbound)
By Prof. P. Ishwara Bhat
  2013 Edition
The articles by experts in the book bring together a wealth of information on the subject, which would guide water governance in future. The present compilation is divided...

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