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Equal Justice and Forensic Process: Truth and Myth
By V.R. Krishna Iyer (Retd. Judge)
  Reprinted 2010 (Deluxe Edition)
“Some people see things as they are and ask why, I dream things as they should be and ask why not?”- Robert Kennedy

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V.K. Varadachari Legal Fictions
By Vepa P. Sarathi
  2nd Edition, 2012

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Laws by Plato (e-book)
By Benjamin Jowett (Translated)
The Laws of Plato are essentially Greek; unlike Xenophon's Cyropaedia, they contain nothing foreign or oriental. Their aim is to reconstruct the work of the great...

Three Lectures
By K.K.Mathew
  1st Edition, Reprinted 2012
  Justice K.K. Mathew's

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The Public Domain Enclosing the Commons of the Mind (e-book)
By James Boyle
In this enlightening book James Boyle describes what he calls the range wars of the information age—today's heated battles over intellectual property. Boyle...

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law (e-book)
By Roscoe Pound
A metaphysician who had written on the secret of Hegel was congratulated upon his success in keeping the secret. One who essays an introduction to the philosophy of law may...