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By Fali S. Nariman
  Jul 2012

Paperback: Rs. 399.00  Rs. 319.00
By Richard Susskind
  21 Jan 2013
Tomorrow's Lawyers predicts fundamental and irreversible changes in the world of law. For Richard...

Paperback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 636.00
By Harper Lee
  24 Jun 2010
 A novel that explores the tragedy of racism in the 1930s and the dramatics of the 'Great...

Paperback: Rs. 299.00  Rs. 239.00
By Asok Kumar Ganguly
  23 Aug 2015
The executive, the legislature and the judiciary are the three branches of government, both state and central, in...

Hardbound: Rs. 395.00  Rs. 316.00
By Arun Shourie
This book, by a leading politician, is a study of major Indian court decisions and underlying cultural issues.

Paperback: Rs. 7,780.00  Rs. 6,224.00
By Nicholas J McBride
Letters to a Law Student relays all that a prospective law student needs to know before embarking on their studies. It provides a useful guide to those...

Paperback: Rs. 2,142.00  Rs. 1,714.00
By M C Chagla
In 1973, Chagla published his autobiography, Roses in December, with the help of his son Iqbal. He vehemently protested against the Indian...

Paperback: Rs. 596.00  Rs. 477.00
By 2015
 Indian judicial system has garnered worldwide fame through its historical and remarkable judgements and the...

Hardbound: Rs. 229.00  Rs. 183.00
By Zia Mody
 This book presents a compilation of 10 essays on some of the most influential judgments’ that were...

Hardbound: Rs. 227.00  Rs. 182.00