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Who Gets a Childhood?
By Bush, William S.
Using Texas as a case study for understanding change in the American juvenile justice system over the past century, William S. Bush tells the story of three cycles of scandal, reform, and retrenchment, each of which...

Hardback: Rs. 7,500.00  Rs. 6,375.00
By Clayden, Paul
  13 Rev ed, 2009
A guide to the duties and responsibilities of the elected council member. It includes such topics as the structure of local government; the relationship between local and central government; and, the status, conduct and...

Paperback: Rs. 3,480.00  Rs. 2,958.00
States and Illegal Practices
By combining states and illegal practices into one topic, the editors of this text seek to understand certain characteristic phenomena, such as, why some states enforcing certain laws launch enforcement crusades while...

Paperback: Rs. 3,359.00  Rs. 2,855.00
Punishment and Democracy
By Zimring, Franklin E.& Hawkins, Gordon& Kamin,...
Offers an analysis of the politics and impact of 'get tough' criminal sentencing legislation. This work examines the origins of the law in California, compares it to other laws, and analyses large samples of offenders...

Paperback: Rs. 4,259.00  Rs. 3,620.00
Parish Councillors' Guide
By Clayden, Paul
  20 ed, 2009
Offers coverage of various aspects of the law and practice of parish, town and community councils in England and Wales. This work also incorporates changes in the law. It is suitable for new councillors and clerks.

Rs. 2,700.00  Rs. 2,295.00
Private Property and State Power
By Huffman, James
This book details the relationship between private property and government. As private property is important to both individual welfare and the public interest, the book provides an intellectual framework for the...

Hardback: Rs. 10,799.00  Rs. 9,179.00
Neither Bad Nor Mad
By Greig, Deidre N.
This book looks at what happened when the government of Victoria, Australia enacted special legislation to detain one person with a severe antisocial personality disorder on the grounds of his presumed dangerousness,...

Paperback: Rs. 4,199.00  Rs. 3,569.00
Unfinished Business
By Reock, Ernest C& Reock, Jr Ernest& Reock Jr, ...

Hardback: Rs. 10,079.00  Rs. 8,567.00
Otchet Samarskoj uezdnoj zemskoj upravy. za 1913 god
This book, "Otchet Samarskoj uezdnoj zemskoj upravy. za 1913 god", by Kollektiv avtorov, is a replication of a book originally published before 1914. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may...

Paperback: Rs. 8,394.00  Rs. 7,135.00