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Policing Compassion
By Hermer, Joe
This book examines how begging regulation plays a central role in organising how we feel responsible for one another in late capitalist society.

Hardback: Rs. 7,200.00  Rs. 6,120.00
Cocaine Politics
By Scott, Peter Dale& Marshall, Jonathan
  Updated ed, 1998
Shows that under the cover of national security and covert operations, the US government has repeatedly collaborated with and protected major international drug traffickers.

Paperback: Rs. 2,880.00  Rs. 2,448.00
State Liability in Tort
By Fairgrieve, Duncan
This book examines financial compensation for wrongs committed by public bodies including medical negligence, educational errors, child abuse by local authority carers, and police misconduct. Recent English cases are...

Hardback: Rs. 14,400.00  Rs. 12,240.00
U.S. Laws, Acts and Treaties
This is a resource for basic information and historical context on more than 400 major US acts of congress and treaties, from the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution through the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and...

Hardback: Rs. 25,680.00  Rs. 21,828.00
By Saywell, John T.
Comprehensive, ambitious, and detailed, The Lawmakers will be the definitive work on the evolution of the law of Canadian federalism.

Hardback: Rs. 4,319.00  Rs. 3,671.00
Housing Law and Policy
By Cowan, David
Drawing on socio-legal, economic and broader housing research, this critique of the development of housing law and policy discusses the regulatory crisis affecting each housing tenure, access to housing, and individual...

Paperback: Rs. 3,839.00  Rs. 3,263.00
Russian Nuclear Shield from Stalin to Yeltsin
By Mathers, Jennifer
This work makes extensive use of Soviet sources to provide a full analysis of Moscow's ballistic missile defence policy, from its origins to post-Soviet developments. It considers the Soviets' motivations for pursuing...

Hardback: Rs. 8,399.00  Rs. 7,139.00
Linking Global Trade and Human Rights
This book introduces the idea of policy space as an innovative way to reframe recent developments in global governance.

Paperback: Rs. 3,239.00  Rs. 2,753.00
Samurai, the Mountie and the Cowboy
By Kopel, David B.

Hardback: Rs. 3,600.00  Rs. 3,060.00