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Urban Disasters and Resilience in Asia
By Shaw, Rajib& Atta-ur-Rahman& Surjan, Akhilesh...

Paperback: Rs. 6,600.00  Rs. 5,610.00
Identifying Ignitable Liquids in Fire Debris
By Hendrikse, Jeanet& Grutters, Michiel& Schafer...

Paperback: Rs. 3,359.00  Rs. 2,855.00
Soft Targets and Crisis Management

Hardback: Rs. 7,799.00  Rs. 6,629.00
Introduction to Emergency Management
By Haddow, George D.& Bullock, Jane& Coppola, Da...
  5 Rev ed, 2013
Offers an analysis of US emergency management principles. This title gives instructors and students the best textbook content, instructor-support materials, and online resources to prepare future EM professionals for...

Hardback: Rs. 5,280.00  Rs. 4,488.00
Street Survival Guide for Public Safety Officers
By Rudofossi, Daniel

Paperback: Rs. 6,239.00  Rs. 5,303.00
Law of Emergencies
By Hunter, Nan
Introduces the American legal system as it interacts with emergency management and public health issues. This book covers the major legal principles underlying emergency policy and operations. It analyzes legal...

Hardback: Rs. 7,679.00  Rs. 6,527.00
Policing Hatred
By Bell, Jeannine
Explores the interaction of race and law enforcement in the controversial area of hate crime. Bell includes in her work the experiences of detectives who are women, Black, Latino, and Asian American, exploring the...

Paperback: Rs. 2,519.00  Rs. 2,141.00
Policing Across Borders
Examining international security issues at global and local level, this book combines law enforcement research with practitioner experience. It analyzes key challenges confronting the law enforcement community,...

Hardback: Rs. 11,999.00  Rs. 10,199.00
Policing Compassion
By Hermer, Joe
This book examines how begging regulation plays a central role in organising how we feel responsible for one another in late capitalist society.

Hardback: Rs. 7,200.00  Rs. 6,120.00