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International Law as a Profession
By D'Aspremont

Hardback: Rs. 8,099.00  Rs. 7,289.00
Medicine, Patients and the Law
By Brazier, Margaret& Cave, Emma
  6 Rev ed, 2016
This fully revised and update edition provides an incisive survey of the legal situation in areas as diverse as fertility treatment, patient consent, assisted dying, malpractice and medical privacy.

Paperback: Rs. 2,399.00  Rs. 2,039.00
Public Health Law
By Coggon, John& Syrett, Keith& Viens, A. M.

Paperback: Rs. 5,399.00  Rs. 4,589.00
Legal Aspects of Nursing
By Dimond, Bridgit C.
  7 ed, 2015

Paperback: Rs. 3,719.00  Rs. 3,161.00
JCT 2011 Building Subcontracts
By Barnes, Peter& Davies, Matthew
The majority of construction work is carried out by subcontractors. As building projects become more complex, subcontractors need to understand the implications of the agreements they sign. The JCT 2011 Building...

Paperback: Rs. 6,594.00  Rs. 5,605.00
Pocket Lawyer for Comic Book Creators
By Crowell, Thomas A., Esq.

Paperback: Rs. 4,199.00  Rs. 3,569.00
Landlord's Legal Kit For Dummies
By Griswold, Robert S.& Harmon, Laurence
The landlord's essential guide to residential rental law Landlord's Legal Kit For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to the laws and legalities of renting property. This one-stop legal reference provides both guidance...

Paperback: Rs. 2,999.00  Rs. 2,549.00
Legal Environment of Business
By Edwards, Frances& Meiners, Roger E.& Ringleb,...
  12 Rev ed, 2014
Provides business students with a detailed, practical orientation to the legal environment by exploring key points of law through compelling and current business-specific examples.

Hardback: Rs. 6,119.00  Rs. 5,201.00
By Jennings, Marianne
  10 Rev ed, 2014
Emphasizes real-world applications and encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills.

Hardback: Rs. 7,799.00  Rs. 6,629.00