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By Oliveira, Teresa Martins De
This encyclopaedia analyzes the legal framework for equal opportunities in Portugal which now exists in the Community due to the adoption of EC Directives on equal treatment, equal pay and social security, and to the...

Rs. 3,555.00
By Baderin, Professor Mashood A.
Provides a comprehensive analysis that asks whether Muslim States can comply with international human rights law whilst adhering to Islamic law. This work examines the traditional arguments on this subject, and offers a...

Hardback: Rs. 8,550.00
Presents a compilation of over fifty cases from international and national courts. This compilation highlights the way in which courts have used international human rights norms and national constitutional standards to...

Paperback: Rs. 8,280.00
By Fernandez, de Casadevante
After having ignored the victim, only recently both domestic and International Law have begun to pay attention to victims. As a consequence of it, different international norms related to victims have progressively been...

Hardback: Rs. 8,055.00
Based on national reports of 23 countries submitted to the XVIIIth International Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (2010), this book presents a discussion on the universalism of human rights from...

Hardback: Rs. 12,420.00
Exploring the ways in which legal pluralism and human rights can be at once mutually reinforcing, delegitimizing, or mutually competitive, this collection of perspectives moves the debate on human rights beyond the...

Hardback: Rs. 12,420.00

Hardback: Rs. 21,150.00
This book analyzes national, international and supranational case law on same-sex couples. Also covers the role of the judiciary in protecting new fundamental rights, taking into account the dialogical and dialectical...

Hardback: Rs. 10,395.00
By Brewer-Carias, Allan R.
This book examines trends in the constitutional and legal regulations in all Latin American countries regarding the amparo proceedings.

Hardback: Rs. 7,380.00