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The New Entrants Problem In International Fisheries Law
By Serdy
  First Edition

Hardback: Rs. 9,840.00  Rs. 8,364.00
IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law
This is the second of a three-volume set which will bring together the law of the sea, shipping law, maritime environmental law, and maritime security law. This volume focuses on shipping law, providing a detailed...

Hardback: Rs. 17,400.00  Rs. 14,790.00
The International Law of the Sea
By Donald R Rothwell and Tim Stephens

Paperback: Rs. 5,399.00  Rs. 4,589.00
Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Security
By Kashubsky, Mikhail
Based on author's thesis (doctoral - Faculty of Law, University of Wollongong, 2011), issued under title: Offshore Petroleum Security: Analysis of Offshore Security Threats, Target Attractiveness, and the International...

Hardback: Rs. 31,200.00  Rs. 26,520.00
Laytime and Demurrage
By Schofield, John
  7 Rev ed, 2016

Hardback: Rs. 55,200.00  Rs. 46,920.00
Offshore Construction
By Beadnall, Stuart& Moore, Simon

Hardback: Rs. 37,200.00  Rs. 31,620.00
Insurance Act 2015

Hardback: Rs. 13,800.00  Rs. 11,730.00
Humanity at Sea
By Mann, Itamar
Integrates legal, historical, and philosophical materials to illuminate the migration topic and to provide a novel theory of human rights.

Hardback: Rs. 8,759.00  Rs. 7,445.00
Illegality in Marine Insurance Law
By Wang, Feng
Based on author's thesis (doctoral - Exter University, 2015) issued under title: Warranty of legality and public policy.

Hardback: Rs. 22,200.00  Rs. 18,870.00