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EU Law and Integration
By Jos? Lu?s da Cruz Vila?a

Paperback: Rs. 3,119.00  Rs. 2,651.00
The European Court of Justice and External Relations Law
By Marise Cremona,?Anne Thies

Paperback: Rs. 2,999.00  Rs. 2,549.00
Treaty Interpretation
By Gardiner, Richard
  2 Rev ed, 2015
Treaty Interpretation, now in its second edition, explores and analyzes the rules for interpretation of treaties and their application in national and international jurisdictions.

Hardback: Rs. 12,600.00  Rs. 10,710.00
Jurisdiction in International Law
By Ryngaert, Cedric
  2 Rev ed, 2015
This book, now in its second edition, analyses development across antitrust, criminal, and human rights law. Explores how the principles of sovereignty and territoriality have been undermined, and develops a new theory...

Hardback: Rs. 10,800.00  Rs. 9,180.00
Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments
By Briggs, Adrian
  6 Rev ed, 2015

Hardback: Rs. 52,800.00  Rs. 44,880.00
Position of Heads of State and Senior Officials in International Law
By Foakes, Joanne S.
A comprehensive and in-depth study of the legal position in r s1rnational law of heads of state, heads of government and other senior state officials, this book analyses relevant treaties, case law, and custom to set...

Hardback: Rs. 15,300.00  Rs. 13,005.00
Law of State Immunity
By Fox, Hazel, QC& Webb, Philippa
  3 Rev ed, 2013
The doctrine of state immunity bars national courts from adjudicating or enforcing claims against foreign states. This updated edition of this book provides a thorough analysis of the doctrine, explores high-profile...

Hardback: Rs. 28,200.00  Rs. 23,970.00
Privileges and Immunities of International Organizations in Domestic Courts
National courts may refer to the decisions of foreign or international courts in their judgments. This book presents an empirical study of this transnational judicial dialogue through a detailed analysis of domestic...

Hardback: Rs. 10,800.00  Rs. 9,180.00
United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property
Providing article-by-article commentary on this crucial convention and a number of cross-cutting analytical chapters, this book will be highly useful for anyone working in general international law and state...

Hardback: Rs. 15,900.00  Rs. 13,515.00