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Privacy: A Very Short Introduction
By Wacks, Raymond
  2 Rev ed, 2015
Electronic surveillance, biometrics, CCTV, ID cards, online security, the monitoring of employees, the uses of DNA - to name a few - all raise fundamental questions about our right to privacy. In the new edition of this...

Paperback: Rs. 959.00  Rs. 815.00
Secrecy, Law and Society

Hardback: Rs. 14,400.00  Rs. 12,240.00
Blackstone's Guide to the Freedom of Information Act 2000
By Wadham, John& Harris, Kelly& Metcalfe, Eric
  5 Rev ed, 2013
The fifth edition of this popular guide offers a comprehensive overview of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, combined with expert analysis and in-depth comment on the effect of the legislation, along with a full copy...

Paperback: Rs. 7,680.00  Rs. 6,528.00
Gurry on Breach of Confidence
By Aplin, Tanya& Bently, Lionel& Johnson, Philli...
  2 Rev ed, 2012
This is a new edition of Francis Gurry's renowned Breach of Confidence (1984), the first text to synthesise the then burgeoning case law on breach of confidence in systematic form. It is updated in light of the...

Hardback: Rs. 36,000.00  Rs. 30,600.00
Tugendhat and Christie
  2 Rev ed, 2011
This book offers a comprehensive guide to the law on privacy and the media. It considers how the law protects the publication of personal information without undermining the fundamental doctrine of freedom of expression...

Hardback: Rs. 33,900.00  Rs. 28,815.00
Publicity Rights and Image
By Gillian Black

Hardback: Rs. 7,800.00  Rs. 6,630.00
Government and Information
By Birkinshaw, Patrick& Varney, Mike
  4 Rev ed, 2011
The fourth edition of this well-respected work offers comprehensive and practical advice on the access, disclosure and retention of government records under UK, EU and ECHR requirements.

Paperback: Rs. 11,400.00  Rs. 9,690.00