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Brand Protection Online
Brand Protection Online is a go-to guide for any user or adviser in need of strategies to combat IP infringement in the digital world or to get up to speed with the latest developments affecting brand holders online.

Paperback: Rs. 21,000.00  Rs. 17,850.00
Trademark and Unfair Competition Conflicts
By Dornis, Tim W.
This book will be of interest for all jurists doing research and working practically in intellectual property law and international economic law. This title is available as Open Access.

Hardback: Rs. 15,120.00  Rs. 12,852.00
Morcom, Roughton and St Quintin: The Modern Law of Trade Marks
By Morcom, Christopher& Roughton, Ashley& St. Qu...
  5 New ed, 2016

Hardback: Rs. 47,999.00  Rs. 40,799.00
European Union Trademark
By Holah, Mark
2016 sees substantial changes to the European Union Trademark (EUTM) system, not least the change of name. This practical guide describes how the EUTM system works following those changes.

Hardback: Rs. 21,000.00  Rs. 17,850.00
Community Trademark Regulation
By Gordian Hasselblatt

Hardback: Rs. 42,000.00  Rs. 35,700.00
User's Guide to Trade Marks and Passing off
By Caddick, Nicholas, QC& Longstaff, Ben
  4 Rev ed, 2015

Paperback: Rs. 13,200.00  Rs. 11,220.00
Domain Names - Strategies and Legal Aspects
By Sause, Jeanette Soderlund& Edmar, Malin

Paperback: Rs. 13,920.00  Rs. 11,832.00
Trade Marks Law
By Gibbons, Glen
  2 Rev ed, 2015
Trade Marks Law (2nd ed) provides a comprehensive examination of Irish trade marks law including analysis of all significant Superior Court and Patents Office jurisprudence.

Hardback: Rs. 15,480.00  Rs. 13,158.00
Poof! Plant Profits in Peril
By Frederick, Allison

Hardback: Rs. 2,400.00  Rs. 2,040.00