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By B.M. Gandhi
  2nd Edition, Reprinted 2008
This book has been hugely in demand since...

Rs. 330.00  Rs. 198.00
By B.M. Gandhi
  9th Edition, 2009
The Ninth Edition of V.D. Kulshreshtha’s Landmarks in Indian Legal &...

Rs. 350.00  Rs. 210.00
By Kumar Askand Pandey
  4th Edition, 2017
The current fourth edition of B.M. Gandhi’s Indian Penal Code revised by Dr K.A. Pandey is an authoritative commentary on...

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 506.00
By Sumeet Malik
  4th Edition, 2016
The scholarly work provides a comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the subject, covering various aspects of both codified and uncodified law.

Paperback: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 421.00
By B.M. Gandhi
  4th Edition, Reprinted 2016
The present fourth edition of this popular volume is a simple and lucid presentation of various topics on the tort law that fall under General Principles, Specific...

Paperback: Rs. 365.00  Rs. 310.00
By B.M. Gandhi
  4th Edition, Reprinted 2017
The author has traced the evolution of the principles of equity in India, covering in the process all aspects of the subject. The aim and...

Paperback: Rs. 415.00  Rs. 353.00
By B.M. Gandhi
  2nd Edition, 2014, Reprinted 2017
An authoritative and comprehensive work, this book aims to explain the various principles involved in the interpretation and application of...

Paperback: Rs. 315.00  Rs. 268.00
By B.M. Gandhi
  1st Edition, Reprinted 2017
B.M. Gandhi's Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English is designed as a basic text for law students. Not only does it...

Paperback: Rs. 395.00  Rs. 336.00
By B.M. Gandhi

Paperback: Rs. 375.00  Rs. 319.00