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Intellectual Property Rights- A Primer
By R. Anita Rao
  2008 Edition Reprinted 2010
This work is a brief commentary on the law relating to Intellectual Property Rights. Intellectual property comprises all the products of the human intellect, namely books, inventions, paintings, music,...

Paperback: Rs. 240.00  Rs. 204.00
Introduction to Law of Partnership (including Limited Liability Partnership) by Avtar Singh
By Avtar Singh
  11th Edition, 2018
Introduction to Law of Partnership by Dr Avtar Singh is a popular and authoritative work giving a clear exposition of partnership...

Paperback: Rs. 375.00  Rs. 319.00
Arbitration Law- A Primer by Mallika Taly
By Mallika Taly
  2011 Edition
Since arbitration is a cost effective and quick way of settling disputes and has become a preferred alternative to the courts, its understanding is necessary for all entrepreneurs, managers, students,...

Paperback: Rs. 345.00  Rs. 207.00
Labour Laws - A Primer Covering Employment Law in India by Alok Bhasin
By Alok Bhasin
  2011 Edition
The book, "Labour Laws-A Primer" gives a complete and general overview of all the labour and employment related laws prevailing in India...

Paperback: Rs. 295.00  Rs. 177.00
Introduction to Company Law by Avtar Singh
By Avtar Singh
  11th Edition, 2014, with Supplement, 2016
The learned author is well known for his work on Company Law. The present handy work has been prepared to meet the needs of students who...

Paperback: Rs. 295.00  Rs. 251.00
An Introduction to Legal Systems of the World
By G. Sharma
  Edition 2008

HB: Rs. 880.00  Rs. 616.00
Jai Kanade and Vishal Kanade: Public International Law - A Primer
By Jai Kanade and Vishal Kanade
  1st Edition, 2013
SoftcoverThis is a basic, introductory book on public international law. The purpose of this book is to elucidate the subject to the readers who are novices to the field of...

Hard Cover: Rs. 375.00  Rs. 319.00
Introduction to Arbitration by Mallika Taly
By Mallika Taly
  2015 Edition
Introduction to Arbitration

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