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Clinical Legal Education by N.R. Madhava Menon
By N.R. Madhava Menon
  Reprinted 2016
The need for a clinical education handbook containing some basic material were felt at the training for legal trainers in the workshops under the UG sponsored academic staff college scheme.

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Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English by B.M. Gandhi
By B.M. Gandhi
  2009 Edition, Reprinted 2019
B.M. Gandhi's Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English is designed as a basic text for law students. Not only does it...

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By David Ross QC
Advocacy explains how to win cases in court. Focusing on the techniques and methods of successful advocates, David Ross QC shows how to prepare a case for court. Written in...

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Art of a Lawyer -Cross Examination, Advocacy, Courtmanship, 11th Edn.
By Malik Dr. B. (Chief Justice)
The articles included in this volume are practical and inspirational in nature. The doyns of the Legal Fraternity have shared their valuable experiences in the field of...

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Textbook on Legal Methods, Legal Systems and Research
By Prof. Tushar Kanti Saha
  2nd Edition, 2016
This edition is an improvement over the first one obviously because time has changed and new crop of literature is constantly enriching our paradigm of legal knowledge. Almost all chapters in Part I and Part II have...

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Justice G P Singh Select Judgments
By Guru Prasanna Singh
  1st Edition, 2012
Justice G P Singh, former Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, is among the most distinguished jurists of the country. He has delivered a range of judgments on varied branches of law. His judgments are...

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AS Law
By Mitchell, Andrew
  3 Rev ed, 2008
Intended for AQA and OCR students. This work profiles legal figures and examines law in films, fiction, non-fiction and on the internet. It features a chapter on contract liabilities, as well as material on sentencing...

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Toward a Prosecutor for the European Union Volume 1
By Katalin Ligeti

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