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Ceaseless and Relentless Journey (e-book/Hardbound)
By K. Ramaswamy
  2008 Edition
"... the story of a man dedicated to the cause of justice... ...He came up in life with steely determination..." The...

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98 Not Out! - Celebrating 98th Year of Living Legend and his continuing legal Learning and dissemination
By Krishna Iyer Justice V.R.
Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer born on 15th November, 1915, in northern Kerala and educated in Annamalai and Madras Universities, practiced law and defended peasants and workers against the exploitation of...

Hardbound: Rs. 350.00  Rs. 298.00
Neither Roses nor Thorns (30th Anniversary Edition)
By H.R. Khanna
  1st Edition
(30th Anniversary Edition) When Justice Khanna delivered his dissenting judgement in the famous Habeas Corpus case, the New York Times in an editorial wrote about him : "If...

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