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Chief Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan (e-book/Hardbound)
By Dr. V.D. Mahajan
  1st Edition, Reprinted 2014
In this classic work Dr. V.D. Mahajan sketches Chief Justice Mahajan’s life as a lawyer, a Judge and a politician. The book gives a...

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Nani Palkhivala - A Role Model (With free) Audio CD Containing speech by Nani Palkhivala)
By Nilendra Kumar Maj. Gen.
  3rd Edition, 2009
Nani Palkhivala was indeed a great human being and also an advocate of advocates. A P J Abdul Kalam *For many of us he was a friend, philospher, and guide to whom we could always turn for sane advise....

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Lord Halsbury - A Biography
By John Hostettler
  2007 Edition (Indian Economy Reprint)
Those who have used the serried ranks of volumes of Halsbury in the course of their professional work may, perhaps, have regarded Halsbury the man as almost a mythical figure - a man so much overshadowed...

Rs. 225.00  Rs. 191.00